The Tools You Need To Get The Job Done.


Electronic Registrations
Participants can sign in via the web on any computer or laptop with an internet connection.

Collect Electronic Payments
Integration with Stripe allows you to collect registration fees when participants register.

Registration Security
Optional sign-in codes allow you to restrict registration to only participants who have been provided a unique code by you.

Mobile Device Registrations
Participants can scan QR Codes to easily sign in with their phone or tablet.

Time Limits
Optional time limits on registration prevent late arrivals and non-participants from receiving credit inappropriately.

Registration Report
Download all registration data to an excel spreadsheet for advanced data manipulation.


Audience Response
Allow the speaker to easily broadcast questions to the audience during the lecture.

Visualize Results
Immediately view participant responses in an easy to comprehend graph.

Audience Questions
Audience members can quickly send text questions to the speaker during the lecture.

Bring Your Own Device
Attendees use their own mobile devices to engage with the lecturer. No need to invest in costly polling devices.

Surveys and Quizzes

Effortlessly Construct Quizzes
Includes easy to use quiz creator. You can quickly copy quizzes from other lectures you own.

Automated Quiz Grading
Your quizzes are automatically graded as participants complete them.

Surveys and Evaluations
Create surveys with multiple choice and freetext questions for your audience to give feedback about the delivery of the lecture.

Smart Quiz Filtering
Optionally, limit quizzes to only certain types of participants.

Credits and Certificates

Credit Attestation
Participants can be asked to claim their credits after a lecture.

Credit Security
Optionally, credits can be locked to require a code in order to claim them.

Custom Certificates
Create your own customized certificates with an easy point-and-click editor.

Claimed Credits Report
Easily share this credit attestation with external systems.

Smart Credit Filtering
Optionally, filter credits to only certain types of participants.

CPE Monitor Interface
Automatically report credits to CPE Monitor as participants complete their credit requirements.

Event Publication

Lecture Series
Publish your lectures to a lecture series to group them together and make them publicly viewable in a beautiful format.

Series Subscriptions
Participants can easily subscribe to a lecture series on their own to get reminders about upcoming events.

Distribution Lists
Create custom distribution lists for automated reminders of upcoming events.

Easily import and export email lists with a simple excel upload or download.

File Organization

Upload annoucement flyers that are automatically attached to reminder emails for upcoming events.

Handouts and learning materials attached to lectures become available to pariticpants automatically.

5 GB of Storage
Free 5 GB of storage. All your learning materials and records can be kept neatly organized in one place.

Always Available
Having your documents in the cloud allows easy access from anywhere.