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Comprehensive Learning Management

Unlock the full potential of your educational content. Designed to simplify and enhance the creation, distribution, and monitoring of your courses, our platform ensures that every aspect of your educational offering is seamless - from inception to delivery.

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About Us

Simplifying Education. Amplifying Learning.

LecturePanda empowers organizations and learners to focus on what matters – high-quality education. Born out of a passion for learning and a background in managing professional development programs, LecturePanda has tools to improve learner outcomes and automate tedious tasks.



Learners Engaged

Courses built with LecturePanda have been taken by over 700,000 learners, a testament to our platform's reach and reliability.


Industries Served

From healthcare to technology, LecturePanda serves professionals across more than 10 diverse industries.


Course Fees Collected

Facilitating over $3.7 million in transactions for our customers, LecturePanda is a trusted partner in maximizing the value of educational content.

Effortless Management, Seamless Integration

Break Free with Automation

With our advanced automation features, we pull you out of the administrative weeds and into the light of efficiency. From automatic completion reporting to integration with essential tools, we ensure that your educational offerings are not just impactful but also effortless to manage.

Elevate Your Learner's Journey

Unmatched User Experience

We believe that the cornerstone of learning is an intuitive user experience. Our platform is designed to ensure that both educators and learners can navigate and utilize our features with ease.

  • Intuitive Design for All: With a clean, user-friendly interface, LecturePanda is accessible to users of all tech-savviness levels.

  • Responsive Across Devices: Our mobile-first approach ensures that the learning experience is consistent and efficient across all devices. From tablets to smartphones, LecturePanda enables learning on-the-go.

  • Always Innovating: Our platform grows with you, incorporating new features and enhancements regularly based on real-world feedback.


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Offer Your Learners An Amazing Journey

Effortless Publication

Utilize LecturePanda’s intuitive system to craft a compelling course catalog that seamlessly integrates into your website. With minimalistic design and detailed automatic course descriptions, your educational content is not just listed; it's showcased, ensuring maximum visibility and attraction for prospective learners.

Intelligent Registration

Capture essential data effortlessly. From license & membership validation to seamless third-party system synchronization, LecturePanda offers unmatched flexibility in data collection, setting the stage for a tailored learning experience

Simple Payments

Efficiently collect payments using your existing processor. Implement complex pricing structures with ease, accommodating various pricing levels for members, non-members, early birds, and more.

Accessible Learning Content

Centralize your educational content. Whether it's hosting downloadable files, embedding HTML content, sharing engaging videos, or deploying interactive xAPI modules, LecturePanda makes content delivery both simple and dynamic.

Dynamic Quizzes & Evaluations

Drive engagement and measure success. Create surveys to gather valuable feedback and design graded tests that provide instant, constructive response feedback, enriching the learning experience.

Automatic Certificates & Credit Reporting

Award achievement with a personal touch. Customize certificates to reflect your brand and course specifics, and automatically report completions to accreditation bodies to recognize your learners' hard work and dedication.

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