Simple and Powerful Tools

Participants can register and pay your event fees in a simple online interface.

Speakers can interact with the audience in real time with the integrated audience response system.

Surveys & Quizzes
After the event, survey your participants for valuable feedback.

Publish your events to send automated reminders to your participants and generate a publicly viewable listing.

Credit Management
Automatically distribute certificates to your learners. For pharmacy programs, automatically upload credits to CPE Monitor.

File Organization
Store your flyers and learning materials in the cloud to keep everything easily accessible, organized and backed up.

A System Built For You

Hassle Free
No contracts to sign and no add-ons to purchase. Once you have an account, your first lecture will be ready in minutes.

Minimal Training Required
A simple and intuitive interface means you get going quickly.

No Software to Install
LecturePanda is hosted in the cloud and works wherever there is an internet connection.

Designed to deliver learning content the way you need, whether it's live, self-paced or blended

Inherently Scalable
Easily scales from small one-time lectures to large recurring events with thousands of participants

Built on top of Google's rock-solid infrastructure so it's there when you need it.

Integrates Intelligently
Integrates with many membership management, video conferencing and payment processing software tools so you have a seamless experience

Increase your revenue by collaborating with - and marketing your learning content to - other organizations. Any organization can join the marketplace for free!

What Our Users Say

"LecturePanda saves me hours of work for each event. Now I can plan ahead instead of constantly playing catch up."

Joanne MacDonald
Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services

"I don't have to upload anything anymore. The CPE Monitor interface automatically gives credit to each participant."

Regina Dobronski
Administrative Assistant

"As a participant, I love being able to sign in from anywhere and complete the post-lecture evaluations online at my leisure."

William Arthur
Clinical Pharmacist

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