We make learning accessible, engaging, and efficient for everyone involved.

LecturePanda was born from a firsthand understanding of the challenges and inefficiencies in traditional professional development programs

“We believe in the power of education…

…to transform lives and the role of technology in unlocking its full potential. LecturePanda embodies this belief, offering a versatile platform that caters to diverse learning environments and styles. Our commitment to innovation, accessibility, and user satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do.”

- David Trupiano, Founder & CEO


Our customers tell us what they need, and we deliver

We listen to their challenges, consult with them as their learning programs and software needs evolve, and continually improve while keeping the below values in mind:


Leverage the latest technology to provide the best possible experience for our users.


Make complex processes simple and intuitive, saving time and reducing frustration for both organizers and learners.


Build a supportive and collaborative community of educators, learners, and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about improving the future of education.

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