Unparalleled Integration Capabilities

LecturePanda works with your existing tools and processes, amplifying the efficacy and reach of your educational programs. Discover how our smart integrations transform the way you manage, deliver, and track education.

Payment Processors

LecturePanda integrates with major payment processors offering a secure and straightforward way for learners to pay for courses.

Webinar Tools

Integrate any webinar tool into LecturePanda with just a link, making it easy to host live sessions directly within our platform. For an enhanced experience, our special integrations with Zoom and GoToMeeting offer additional streamlining features, like automatic registration and attendance tracking, making your webinars more accessible and engaging than ever.

Automatic Credit Reporting

Take the hassle out of tracking and submitting completions by integrating with third-party accrediting bodies to automatically report as learners complete a course. Don’t see yours here? Let us know and we’ll see about adding them!

AMS & CRM Platforms

Connect with leading Association Management Systems (AMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to streamline user management, enrollment processes, and member verification.

Connect Your Favorite Apps With Zapier

With its Zapier integration, LecturePanda becomes a hub of productivity. Automate workflows by connecting to thousands of apps, enabling you to effortlessly sync data across your favorite tools, from accounting software to spreadsheets, enhancing efficiency across the board.


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