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Lecture Tools

Access tools to assist with registration, reporting, and announcements.


Registration Tools


Detail NameDescription
Registration QR CodeQR code that can be scanned to take a user to the registration page.
Registration PageURL link to the registration page.
Check-In PageUse this page to scan-in attendees.

Tip: This page is used when the Check-In Process is set to “Check-In Active or Check-In Required”. You can change your lecture’s Check-In Process in Details > Select Check-In Process.

Kiosk Mode Registration PageA kiosk version of the registration page that automatically resets to the registration page again when an individual completes registration.
View RegistrationsView and manage registrants.

Interactive Tools


Detail NameDescription
Speaker PageThis page allows the speaker to send interactive questions to the audience during the lecture.

Note: This page does not require the speaker to be logged in so be careful who you share this link with.

Response PageThis page allows the participant to respond to the interactive questions sent by the speaker and to submit questions to the speaker.

Alternatively, this page can be accessed by scanning the QR code available on the Speaker Page.

Interactive QR CodeThe QR code generated by clicking this link can be scanned by audience members to engage with the speaker in real-time.
View ResponsesUse the report generated by this link to analyze the responses given to the interactive questions during the lecture.



Detail NameDescription
Submitted ACPE ReportA record of all the information sent to ACPE. This allows Admins to review each submission record.
Video ResponsesA report that compiles all the responses to video questions.
Pharmacy CE ReportsThese reports are no longer in use.

Lecture Short Code

Detail NameDescription
Short CodeCreate a URL shortcode for this lecture’s Announcement and Registration pages.

Note: Shortcodes are automatically verified to ensure they are unique.

Information Tools


Detail NameDescription
Copy URL for Announcement PageShare this link with potential participants to allow them to review the lecture information.

Admins can use the “Open URL” button to preview the lecture’s announcement page.

Embed Announcement PageThis HTML code can be added to your website to embed the lecture’s announcement page.
Copy Lecture KeyThis feature is currently not in use.