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Define the credits and certifications that can be awarded to your attendees upon completion.


Creating a Credit

Use the green "+ Add Credit" button to create a new credit.


Detail NameDescription
Credit TypeSelect whether this session will offer ACPE credit.
  • Other: This session can offer a certificate but not ACPE credits.
  • Pharmacy ACPE Credit: This session offers ACPE credits. When this option is selected, additional fields will appear that allow Admins to enter the ACPE UAN for this session.

Note: When an ACPE UAN is entered, all data (description, CE Contact Hours, etc) will be pulled in from the CPE Monitor interface.

Certificate TemplateSelect which certificate will be awarded upon completion.

You can create custom certificate templates here.

Session Start and End TimesEnter the start and end times/dates for this session.

In this way, a single lecture can consist of multiple sessions.

Learning ObjectivesInformation entered here will display on the lecture announcement and be visible to participants.

Tip: You can copy and paste a list of pre-written learning objectives to enter multiple objectives at once.

This Credit is Offered ToSelect which Registration Types can receive this credit.
Credit SecuritySelect a credit security option.
  • No Security: Attendees do not need to enter a claim code to receive their credit.
  • Single Code: All attendees will use the same claim code to receive their credit.
  • Multiple Codes: Each attendee will use a unique claim code to receive their credit.

Tip: Sharing the security code at the end of a lecture is a good way to ensure that your attendees have watched the entire live lecture before receiving credit.

Claim CodeDefine the Credit Security claim code.
  • With No Security: This feature will not be available.
  • With Single Code: This code can be manually written or automatically generated.
  • With Multiple Codes: Select the number of claim codes you will need. After that, use the “Manage Credit Codes” button to review and distribute codes.