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Add information and content related to your speaker(s).


Detail NameDescription
Speaker FilesOptional (Recommended). Upload content related to your speakers. This may include a speaker agreement, a disclosure of conflicts of interest, a CV, or information about their professional career.

Note: This information is purely organizational and makes auditing easier. Participants will not see this information.

SpeakersSee Speaker Management.
Add SpeakersUse the green “+ Add Speaker” button to add a speaker.

Enter their name, email, and title.

Speaker Management

After adding a Speaker(s) to the lecture, Admins will have the option to send an email to the Speaker with a link to their Audience Response portal.


Detail NameDescription
EditMake any changes to the basic Speaker information.
View the Speaker’s Audience Response PageUse this link to view the Speaker’s Audience Response Page and review their setup progress.
Resend the introductory EmailSend/Resend the introductory email that includes a link to the Speaker's Audience Response portal. (See email example below) speaker_email
Delete this SpeakerRemove this Speaker’s information from the lecture.

Audience Response

Speakers can access a portal to create their own questions and view audience feedback. Admins can email Speakers a link to this portal when the Speakers is initially added or anytime thereafter using the introductory email button.


Detail NameDescription
InstructionsThis section offers interactive instructions to guide the speaker through setting up their audience response questions and teaches them how to broadcast questions during their lecture.
Response QuestionsThis section allows speakers to create and review questions that will be used during their lecture.
Review Responses & FeedbackThis section allows speakers to review audience feedback and question responses. This is a great way to help speakers know what worked well and how they can improve.