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February 27, 2023 - Grouped Hours Locking! 🔒⛓️🎆

This is an update to our "Grouped Hours" credit dependency mode. When using grouped credits to submit accumulated hours, the final tally of all the credit hours in the group can only be sent a single time. That means that any credit that is a part of the group and is not claimed during the initial submission of the group, cannot be awarded automatically going forward.

To make this clear to participants, if there are any available/unclaimed credits from the group during the initial submission of the group we will display the following warning before they submit credit:

Participant Group Credit Completion Warning

Sync is activated per catalog

Additionally, once the group has been submitted, any credits that were not claimed will appear locked with a message as seen below:

Participant View of an Unclaimed Group Credit

Sync is activated per catalog