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February 27, 2023 - Credit Completion Locking! 🔐✨

Historically, participants have been able to claim/unclaim their credits as needed. However, when participants unclaim a credit that they have previously completed/submitted, it can lead to some confusion and potentially allow them to claim conflicting credits that they should not have access to. To address this, credits will now go into a locked state after completion, and show a message indicating that it has been successfully completed/submitted.

Participant View of Credit "Locked" Into Completed State

Participant locked credit view

As the administrator, you also have the ability to "unlock" a credit for a participant if the situation calls for it. To do so, click into their completion history (with the yellow star button next to their name in the registration list). From there you'll see the new unlock button next to the relevant completion record(s).

New Admin Button to Unlock Completions

Error message during registration

Once you have unlocked the completion record, it will look like this:

Admin View of an unlocked credit.

Error message during registration