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Registration Security

Set access controls on who can attend this lecture.


Detail NameDescription
Registration Time LimitsSet a registration open and close date.

Tip: Even if your lecture is an enduring event, we recommend putting a close date so that years from now you don’t need to remember to turn off the lecture.

Restrict Seat CountSet a seat threshold. Once this limit is reached, no new individuals will be able to register for this lecture.
Restrict Email DomainsForces registrants to use a specific email domain to be able to register.

Tip: This is a great way to restrict access to this lecture to those within your organization.

Restrict to Certain EmailsThis feature is no longer in use, please use “Restrict to Active Members”.
Restrict to Active MembersUse one of the membership checking options to determine who can register for this lecture.

To see more info on membership checking, click here.

Require Code to RegisterCreate a number of unique codes that participants can use to sign in to this lecture.

After creating codes, Admins will be able to view and distribute codes.

Require Completion of a PrerequisiteForces registrants to have completed a different lecture to be able to register for this lecture.

Note: The registrant must use the same email address for both lectures.