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May 4, 2022 - Course Announcement Improvements! 📅🗣️🤩

We've made several big improvements to your annoucement pages!

1. Timezone Controls

By default we will display the time in the timezone of the user's computer but sometimes it is useful to see what the time is in a different timezone (for traveling attendees for example). Now, its as easy as clicking the new timezone dropdown and selecting the timezone you want.

Adjusting Timezone

2. Credit Audience Filters

Sometimes if there are lots of different credits for different types of audience members, there is too much information in the credit list to be useful. To address this, we have added "Audience Filters" that allow prospective participants to filter the credit lists to see what is on offer for them specifically. For example, they could filter it to show only Pharmacy Technician credits and hide the rest.

Custom statements shown in announcement footer.

3. Agenda View

If your credits have session times set on them, then they will now display in a handy agenda format, just like in the claim credits step! This can also be a good way to verify that all your session times are set just the way you want them.

Custom statements shown in announcement footer.

3. Add Speakers to Your Credits

To further enhance the agenda view, when building your credits you can now attach speakers to them:

Custom statements shown in announcement footer.

This information is then display in the announcement:

Custom statements shown in announcement footer.